Book editing

I have edited several books generally written by and for healthcare professionals (including many first-time authors). Some of the projects I've worked on include:

Physician Entrepreneurs: Strength in Numbers

published by HealthLeaders Media, 2008

This book was co-written by several consultants from the same firm, with various individuals writing the chapters related to their expertise. Therefore, eliminating redundancy and ensuring consistency in tone and level of detail--while preserving each contributor's voice--posed unique challenges for this book. The final product became a popular component of the publisher's "Physician Entrepreneurs" series.

The Hospital Executive's Guide to Physician Staffing

published by HealthLeaders Media, 2009

This book was written by a highly knowledgeable author who included a plethora of data to back up his insights. The final book struck an appealing balance between concise narrative illustrated by up-to-the minute facts and figures presented in user-friendly tables.

Orthopedics and Spine: Strategies for Superior Service Line Performance

published by HealthLeaders Media, 2009

This book covered a highly specialized topic with lots of moving parts. Challenges included keeping the content comprehensive yet concise and relating each business principle presented back to one or more compelling case studies included in the final chapter of the book.